2012: a year in review

can’t believe another year has passed. i haven’t had a lot of time to think back on the year, but i did pull some of my favorite moments (although i’m sure i missed a few) from 2012 and put them in these nice convenient pictures.

one thing that i have realized is that my favorite memories are always my favorites because of the people involved. i was just watching HIMYM, and while the show tends to be more silly than anything else, i loved one particular quote, which sums up how i feel about 2012:


there’s no way of knowing for sure where the safest place is…
so the best you can hope for is to have some good company.


  1. japantown at night // LA
  2.  egg explosion with the fam
  3. dogsitting gubbsters
  4. with bestie and SW // King Wedding
  5. spacewads // Walton wedding
  6. throwing out the first pitch
  7. kickball shenanigans (go creatures!)
  8. zoogirls reunion // Elder wedding
  9. flying over the San Juan Islands
  10. pool days in the summer
  11. the chicas // Choi wedding
  12. girls weekend // Lake Superior
  13. finishing the TC marathon with KBG
  14. Avi // Pentatonix concert
  15. bestie and some crazies // Elder wedding
  16. Montage Resort for family wedding



  1. spa day with A and J // LA
  2. lake minnetonka right before getting caught in a huge storm
  3. Nike HQ with my fave TOMS family // Portland
  4. lake retreat with the pack/lynx
  5. color run // St. Paul
  6. celebrating birthdays with Moho
  7. fall colors // Northern Minnesota
  8. the girls // Burnard Wedding
  9. screaming like a 12 year old girl // Bieber concert
  10. 2nd annual wolfpack/lynx football
  11. halloween in the office
  12. coffee for some bridesmaids
  13. family // Wang wedding
  14. snowfall and outdoor fun
  15. fab four reunion
  16. celebrating the end of 2012






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